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Working with Colin was a true joy!

Buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming but Colin made the experience pleasant and stress free, He kept me up to date on everything and communicated with me almost daily. I really felt like he was in my corner and had my best interests in heart, I highly recommend working with him on your home purchase he is honest, hard working and punctual and I really believe he will have your best interests in heart too. I will be going back to him for all my future home purchases.

Veronica Ashford

My realtor Colin Angele with the Sam Wilson Group realtors was wonderful to work with and the process was extremely fast and seamless.

I felt very confident using the Wilson group and had a full price offer on my house within 5 days of posting it. We closed on the house in two and a half weeks!! I highly recommend the Wilson group for selling your home and Colin Angele my realtor was excellent and got the process done fast and smooth and guided me every step of the way!

Karen Johns

I used Colin Angele, With Wilson Group Real Estate to buy my first home.

I found him to be a very knowledgeable and committed agent. He was very patient, understanding, and always had our best interests at heart when it came to making important decisions. We wanted a single-family home with a yard which was difficult to find at our price point, but Colin provided us with every option within our budget and searched from the front range of Denver all the way down to Colorado Springs. Colin worked 24/7 around the clock to find us our first home. Because of a competitive Colorado market, we were 1 of 17 offers on our favorite home. Colin and his team provided an offer strategy that won us our dream home even though we weren’t the highest bid! Colin was available throughout every step of the closing process and made sure all the deadlines were followed so that we closed as scheduled. Colin always conducted himself with professionalism and confidence and I would highly recommend Colin to any of my close friends and family.

Colin Diamond

I worked with Colin, and he was great!

He spent the time coming down to Colorado Springs and showed us the perfect homes at every visit; they were each exactly what we were looking for. Hopefully it will be awhile before I purchase again, but when I do it will be with Colin. If you want professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to go the extra mile; I can not recommend him enough

Eric Bosley

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